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Beautifully Mad
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Beautifully Mad

Since Apr 05, 2017


Beautifully Mad

Location NSW
Genre folk, blues, jazz, acoustic
Website www.beautifullymad.com
Bio Tony King and Nina Vox are Beautifully Mad, two of Australia’s finest Singer/songwriters. ARIA Award winning Tony King was named Australian Songwriter of the Year 2009 and Best Lyrics at the International Songwriting Awards 2014 judged by Tom Waits & Bernie Taupin. Nina Vox is an award winning songwriter and ex-actor, who performed with Russell Crowe and trained with Jazz legend Kerrie Biddell. A breathtaking ride that recalls the beauty of James Taylor, some honey from Melody Gardot, a lyrical spice of Cohen washed down with some Waits-like humour. A musical flame that licks at the heels of Folk and Jazz. Expect goose-bumps from the hauntingly beautiful to the wild Hendrix spiked guitar and dirty New Orleans exhilaration of a band possessed. Tony has a reputation for setting fire to a 12 string with his solos, while Nina melts hearts with her rich, mellifluous voice and nylon string guitar. ...”Tony King is one of the country’s finest guitarists”-Jonathon Biggins “highly original, evocative and moreish. In performance they are engaging, incredibly versatile and inventive, an altogether class act” - Bob Connolly & Sophie B Raymond (Mrs Carey’s Concert) Tony has also toured extensively as lead guitarist for Andrew Strong, the incredible singer from the Commitments. They also co-wrote an album together in Ireland called Gypsy’s Kiss. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. "Beautifully Mad" were simply stunning. Excellent guitars and fabulous voices combined with lyrics that can only have come from people who have really lived, loved, lost & laughed through life. Their songs cut straight to the heart as they transported us. Thoroughly delightful entertainment! -Bill Arnett, Folkus Room Canberra

Our Direct email is tonykris@bigpond.net.au and you are welcome to use it if you want to organise a concert.
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