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Christina Green

Since Apr 14, 2017


Christina Green

Location VIC
Genre contemporary folk/cabaret singer-songwriter and classical/jazz fusion pianist
Website https://www.christinagreen.net
Bio Christina Green is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, composer and performer. She began writing songs while at school, and has been active in the folk/acoustic/café scene since 1989, in both Melbourne and London.

Christina’s songs tell stories of people and events that have inspired her, and bring together politics, spirituality, quirky vignettes and tales, and personal stories with emotional layers. A sense of place also features in many of her songs, which capture the essence of things and convey the richness of the everyday.

Musically, Christina has absorbed many influences including elements from trad. folk and activist folk/protest songs, folk/rock, blues/jazz, punk and cabaret/chanson, with some inspiration from the French popular chanson, and Canadian folk duo Kate and Anna McGarrigle along the way. She enjoys combining many strands in a set, also including occasional instrumentals.

Christina’s first CDs Dreaming Me (1998) and Separation Street (2001) were recorded at Overtones Studio, London with Felix Macintosh and Liv Elliot. In the mid-2000s she worked with then Dandenong Ranges-based musician Janette Geri to create Sitting On Saturna (2008), and her most recent recording, the double CD Some Days/Life I Can Live (2017) was recorded by Melbourne’s Hugh McDonald and Brian Baker (with smaller contributions from Gerald Putnam and Neil Robertson), and launched across multiple gigs in Melbourne and Central Victoria from May-September 2017. The 28 tracks (24 songs and 4 instrumentals) are drawn from Christina’s songwriting journey over nearly two decades, bringing together stories from travels in Canada, life in Melbourne, and a couple of tales from an earlier life in the UK also.

Christina continues to work on songs, finding new musical terrain in recent years through exploring the ukulele. She is also active as a composer in Melbourne and beyond, and in 2016/2017 has performed at the Elbow Room concerts of the Melbourne Composers’ League at Wesley Anne, Northcote. Her works have been performed by a range of ensembles and soloists in Melbourne, Sydney, the US, and in London and Brighton, UK. A selection of Christina's works is published by Wollongong based Wirripang: Home of Australian Composers - you can view this here. You can also view her Australian music center profile here; this gives detailed information about Christina's composition practice and projects.

“... she has the wit of a Noel Coward ... look out for her." ~ Rodney Syme, Melbourne Recorder Orchestra

“Sing me a story! Touching and humorous, armed with great voice and guitar, Christina was a great surprise, and few shall ever enter a Library again without thinking of her stories!”
~ Folk Victoria

“Articulate, powerful folk” ~ Bunjies Folk Cellar, London

“Christina sums up the 21st century lyrically and musically in 2 verses and a chorus. Her ability to make every word count is astonishing” ~ Baker Street Studios, Melbourne

“Great stories and images emerge from her songs”
~ Folk Victoria

“… snapshots, portraits, landscapes, stories and moments in time, pieces of mindfulness”
~ Walki Freedreamer Tinkanesh, Sound Minds Studio, London

“Your songs are amazing and need to be heard and appreciated – you are one of the most intelligent, diverse and clever songwriters I know”
~ Tracey Roberts, Singer-songwriter/keyboard player, visual artist, Melbourne



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