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Featured Artist of the Month

Featured Artist of the Month

Van Larkins


Inventing ground-breaking techniques and complex compositions, Van Larkins is hailed world-wide as a leading songwriter and guitarist in fingerstyle earning him magazine covers, a coveted spot on the CandyRat Records roster, endorsements and praise from the world’s leading artists in the genre, including Andrew White, Phil Emmanuel and Strictly Ballroom’s Antonio Vargas.

He started out experimenting on an egg-slicer at just ten, and now, at 32, Van Larkins is at the forefront of the fingerstyle guitar revolution in Australia, soon to release his 4th studio album, Cinder Moon and feature in a world-first fingerstyle guitar movie.

Recently ‘sounding off’ with him at Sunshine Coast music conference, Turn Up!, in what can only be described as a jaw-dropping display of sonic creation, Australia’s greatest electric guitar player, Phil Emmanuel said, “Van Larkins doesn’t just play guitar…he creates a beautiful musical soundscape. His application of musical cascades and original compositions shed new light to the term ‘ear candy’.”

Defying the eye when playing his energetic melodies, harmonies, percussion and bass with just 6 strings and a chunk of the finest carved wood, Van Larkins doesn’t sing. He doesn’t play drums. And there’s no loop pedal. After all, why do any of that when he can make his acoustic guitar do it all?

Transforming what we traditionally consider a classical guitar style with musical influences like electronic, psy-trance and 70s funk, it’s no surprise that Van Larkins is spearheading this musical revolution.

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