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Little Wise offering house concerts Aug, Oct-Dec & into 2018!

Little Wise offering house concerts Aug, Oct-Dec & into 2018!

Hi dear HCA members,

Sophie AKA Melbourne folk-roots songwriter Little Wise here. I love to bring real music into homes and connect with music fans through house concerts. I tell stories, sing songs and enjoy the experience.

My recent house concert highlights include Platypus Park in Bridport Tas at Gina’s place and Numbucca Heads at Jane’s house. Feel free to contact those hosts if you’d like a review.

I play house concerts as solo, duo or trio act depending on the vibe you desire and the availability of my bandmates.

I am now booking my schedule for the rest of the year and into 2018.


AUG ~ Melbourne & Regional VIC
2018 ~ National dates available!

Here’s a sample of what you can expect from a Little Wise house concert:

If you’re interested in discussing further, please contact me via private message or by email (preferred) info@littlewise.com.au

Thank you!


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