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Scottish duo on tour in NSW and Queensland September 22nd – October 15, 2017.

Scottish duo on tour in NSW and Queensland September 22nd – October 15, 2017.


Myself (Heather Innes) and Pauline Vallance are two Scottish singers on tour in Australia September 22 – October 15, 2017.  We arrive in Sydney on September 21st and, allowing for jet lag, we are looking for bookings in NSW September 22nd – 27th and 29th.  September 30th and October 2nd and 3rd we’re hoping to fill in our Queensland tour.  October 5 – 11th we’re available for concerts in either Queensland or NSW and we could squeeze in a concert in NSW on October 15 before we fly home on October 16.

I’m promoting my newly released CD “Here Comes The Day” on this tour and Pauline and I would love to perform the songs for you plus some of Pauline’s own songs and the occasional traditional Scottish song and a few tunes. I sing and play bodhran and Pauline sings and plays the clasarch (Celtic harp) and the flute.

I grew up in Australia many moons ago and I’m looking forward to returning. Pauline hasn’t been to Australia before and is looking forward to the adventure.  I’ve sung in house concerts before, mainly in the USA, and I’ve told her they are the best way to meet new folk.  It is short notice I know but if you have a free date that works with ours please get in touch by visiting our artist profile on here or at heather@heatherinnes.com


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