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Stomperoo East Coast Melbourne to Brisbane Tour 2018

Stomperoo East Coast Melbourne to Brisbane Tour 2018

Hi, I am planning a tour up ┬áthe Eastern seaboard from Melbourne to Brisbane including inland in early 2018, with my blue jazz funk act Stomperoo, playing the album “Thinking Man’s Blues” and a whole lot more great listening and dancing music!

This will feature Tris Hodson on piano,  the little known blues harmonica genius Robbie Gray, myself and a drummer to be announced.

DATES: 23 Feb to 05 March

Please contact me for bookings with your location and we will do our best to fit you in to our tour. This is how it works:

Check your geographical location withing the 1500km span between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Pick a date that corresponds roughly. 1 day = 150km. So for example if you are in Canberra, that is about 600km from Melbourne. So we are talking 4 days into the tour, within 1 or 2 days. So your concert date might be good for 27 to 28 Feb. I’ll try to fit it in. We are planning to drive if possible no more than 150 km a day, so we arrive very relaxed and can chill out and rehearse, have a look around your area and get to know you, our new friends!

Please contact me, by booking Stomperoo you will be helping me attain one of my goals which is to spread music, ideas and good vibes across our beautiful country.

Yours musically,

Roo Friend 0478 960 341



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