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New South Wales

Progressive Acoustic Guitarist on tour Sep/Oct/Nov

Progressive Acoustic Guitarist on tour Sep/Oct/Nov

Hello fellow House Concerteers

I’m an acoustic guitarist and vocalist with roughly fifteen years of live experience who recently started performing House Concerts and have found the medium to be perfect for what I do. I am currently getting in touch with hosts all along the East Coast and SA to try and book a small tour throughout Sep/Oct/Nov. I’ll be especially looking for gigs once the weather warms up and concerts can be held outside.

If you’re wondering what kind of show I do, it’s generally a mix of acoustic instrumentals, folky originals as well as lots of covers and standards and audience requests. I’ve also had many years of experience in stand up comedy so humour and engagement is a big part of the show. For some video examples please visit my website http://www.alexhughes.net/video-and-photos.html .

If any of this is appealing to you and you feel like we could organise something in the next few weeks than please let me know. I’m very flexible with things and always happy to negotiate fairly with hosts. Can also provide a full PA if needed.