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Toni Swain

Since Mar 25, 2017


Toni Swain

Location VIC
Genre Original blues & roots, r&b, jazz
Website www.toniswain.com
Bio “Few performers in Australia can match Toni Swain...her musicianship and stage presence is awesome enough; then, there’s her voice which reaches right in and grabs you by the heart and soul. Her sets are built around solid rhythms that rollick and sway while the songs provide a distinctive spotlight on everyday life. She is that good, she makes it look easy.” Bones Mackinnon
"To have a strong, beautiful voice is one thing. To marry that with the ability to write lyrical and engaging songs is what puts Toni Swain in a rare and valuable league." (Adrian Reeves)
"Toni Swain finds that spot in my musical love life marked Bonnie Raitt and Shelby Lynne." (Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald)
She's paid her dues and singing the blues - the greatest unknown Australian singer and songwriter is world class, her music always delivered with style and panache.



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